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Ford Transit
Interior Dimensions
Length2.44 m8 ft
Height1.32 m4'4'' ft
Width1.7 m5'7'' ft
Width (between arches)1.32 m4'4'' ft

Payload: 998 kg

Citroen L.W.B
Interior Dimensions
Length3.35 m11 ft
Height1.85 m6'1'' ft
Width1.75 m5'9'' ft
Width (between arches)1.34 m4'5'' ft

Payload: 1400 kg

Fitted with 500kg tail lift.
Ford Luton
Interior Dimensions
Length3.96 m13 ft
Height2.13 m7'' ft
Width1.93 m6'4'' ft
Width (between arches)1.34 m4'5'' ft

Payload: 1000 kg

7.5 ton
Interior Dimensions
Length6.15 m20 ft
Height2.39 m7'10'' ft
Width1.7 m7'6'' ft
Door Aperture)-7 x 7 ft

Payload: 2600 kg

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